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Legal Assistant and Office Administrator

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Pam has been a professional legal secretary for thirty years and working with Karen Davis since 1989.  Pam is the first person you will speak to when you contact the office and the first person to greet you when you come in.  Pam is an invaluable resource for clients.   When the attorneys are in meetings, on the phone, or in another attorney’s office, Pam knows both intuitively and through her training when a client’s case needs immediate attention.  Pam is the conduit through which all information passes, and — as her husband will tell you — has a steel trap memory.  So, if the attorney you have been working with is in court or on vacation, Pam can give a quick run down to the other attorney so she can step in and help in an emergency.

Office Mascot

Dawn H. Titus-RoganSeymour

Seymour received his Certificate of Completion from Old Town Pet Resort where he learned to be obedient.

We know that going through separation, divorce, or custody proceedings is a serious and often painful business.  Seymour gives you his unbridled love and unconditional loyalty, and may just make you smile or outright laugh.  We think he is an important symbol of  our friendly and loyal relationship with our clients and the atmosphere we foster in our office.  While we can be strong, some say aggressive, with our opponents, we want our clients to feel at home and at ease.

Seymour accepts pats, hugs, and treats for his services.